Submit the details of a fraud below.  CUFF investigators will analyze the information you submit and make recommendations as to how you may obtain justice through prosecution or legal recourse.  If we determine there is clear evidence that the person who harmed you is a fugitive, we will provide a free skip trace report in order to help law enforcement locate the defendant. CUFF will also work with you to track a fugitive.
Contact CUFF for details.  If you are unsure of the identity or background of the person who harmed you, order a Background Search for $59.00. 

If you have not already reviewed the fraud protection information provided by CUFF, we recommend that you do so now: Journey to Justice for Fraud VictimsIf you do not find the guidance you are seeking in these resources, please complete the fraud report below.  Your subject might already by in CUFF's Criminal Database.  If you believe this person is a con artist who will harm others, enter him or her in CUFF's Internet Swindlers Database, a proprietary database that is not viewable on the Internet but will put you in contact with any other victims who enter the same subject.

NOTE:  If your e-mail is spam-protected, please make sure that our e-mail,, is not blocked.  We guarantee a response to your request, so if you do not receive an e-mail from CUFF within a week, please send us an e-mail to let us know.

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   If you have suspicions that the Accused may be intentionally using an alias in order to conceal his or her identify or
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