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Citizens United to Find Fugitives is a non-profit corporation that works to obtain justice for fraud victims and helps track fugitives so they can be arrested.  CUFF is supported by donations .  If our research determines that you are the victim of a fugitive or con artist, we will work with you for free to obtain justice and locate the fugitive.


Here Is What We Do

*  If you are a fraud victim, complete a Fraud Report so we can better understand the circumstances of the crime.  Be as detailed as possible.  We will provide a Background Search on the person for a $59.00 fee.  This research will benefit you and your community if information is produced that can be used to convict the person for fraud.  The background search will include information on the person going back to the early 1980's and will include address and phone information, relatives' names and addresses, neighbors' names and addresses, property owned, civil judgments, criminal records, aliases and a verification that the social security number being used is valid.  

     Additional research will be performed if the information produced clearly indicates that the person is a career criminal or has multiple civil judgments that suggest fraud.  The background search is performed by private investigators and skip tracers who charge minimal fees or provide pro bono investigative services to CUFF in order to help their communities.

We will review your Fraud Report information from the vantage point of experienced fraud victims who know the difficulty of convincing a prosecutor to charge a clever con artist with fraud.  Once we review the information in the Fraud Report, we will contact you to discuss our analysis. We may have some additional questions or we may make recommendations for actions that you can take independently.

*  Our research may reveal that you knew your con artist under an alias, which is often the case.  Or it may uncover a criminal record for fraud and theft.  This information can sometimes convince an otherwise reluctant  prosecutor to charge your con artist with fraud.

*  If our research turns up warrants that are not extraditable, we will contact the jurisdiction holding the warrants and provide all the information we have that might convince the prosecutor to upgrade the warrant to extraditable.  

*  If your con artist has disappeared with your money to parts unknown, we will work with you at no charge to locate the person if there is an extraditable warrant in at least one jurisdiction.

*  We will head you in the right direction to sue your con artist civilly in order to obtain a judgment for your money.  You can do this yourself in small claims court.  Once you receive the default judgment, you can use it to obtain subpoenas which may provide information which will help locate the defendant. If you can locate the thief so the police can arrest him and put him in jai if there is a warrant, then the civil judgment will be worth your effort even if you never collect a penny.  

*  If any kind of warrant has been issued for your con artist, including non-extraditable warrants, and/or if you have obtained a civil judgment against the con artist, we will put the person in the CUFF Fugitive Database so others can help you find the person. Fugitives in the CUFF database can be searched for free using 48 individual characteristics, which makes it virtually impossible for a fugitive to hide behind an alias or a mustache.  If you have a photo, we will include it. 

     Thanks to law enforcement, victims and concerned citizens, the fugitive database currently contains over 900 fugitives and is growing daily.  CUFF has successfully located the EVERY fugitives we have actively tracked, and we have put several of them in jail.  We have helped several victims learn the true identity of the con artists who stole from them and they all turned out to be fugitives with warrants for fraud. View our
Success Stories to see some of our successful efforts.   

If you already know that there is an outstanding warrant for the person who defrauded you, submit the person to the CUFF Fugitive Database for free so others can help search.  If you have obtained a civil judgment or you know the person has a criminal history, enter that information also.

If you met the person on the Internet and you do not know whether or not there is a warrant or criminal history, enter them in the Internet Swindlers Database, a  proprietary database that is not searchable on the Internet but is used by CUFF to match names and MO's of swindlers in order to provide information to law enforcement.  CUFF matches each submission with con artists already in the database to see if the person has been entered already.  If so, we will send you the e-mail address of the other victim(s) and allow you to discuss your frauds, if you choose.  If information is produced which substantiates a pattern of fraud, CUFF will provide a free background search on the con artist and begin an investigation to determine whether or not there might be evidence to convince law enforcement to charge the person with fraud.

* If you are the victim of a crime other than fraud and the defendant is a fugitive, we will work with you to locate the person in order to have him (or her) arrested.  Submit the details of the crime, the defendant's name and your contact information. 




          Our advice and assistance is based on real-life encounters with con artists, fugitives and the criminal justice system.  Because of our perseverance, we were able to obtain justice for ourselves and put the criminals in jail and/or obtain civil judgments against them.

          The person who defrauded you is almost certain to do it again if he or she believes the criminal justice system will not try to stop them.  Until this person is arrested and put in jail, all communities are at risk.  You will be performing a great community service by going after the thief.  When you succeed, you will obtain justice for yourself and and for other potential victims of the thief.

          Our hope is that you will realize you are not alone in your plight and that others are willing to help you help yourself.  There are many things that CUFF can do to help.  Read about our
Fraud Fighters Force for more information.  Take the The Fraud Victim's Journey to Justice and Join CUFF to become part of the solution. 


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