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CUFF will not voluntarily provide personal information on our Contributors to any source.  We do not sell our customer database for profit.  If you receive any unsolicited e-mail that references our Web site, please advise Customer Service immediately.  All information you have provided will be held in the strictest confidence.

By using the CUFF database, you acknowledge that you will not utilize any of the information you receive from Searchers in any illegal or immoral manner or for any illegal or immoral purpose.   You acknowledge that your reason for entering a subject into the database is not to obtain information about that person that could be used for any illegal purpose.  You acknowledge that all information you have input is accurate to the best of your knowledge and there is no intent to provide false information about someone for any purpose. 

You agree to allow CUFF to edit your entries if they are not suitable for public viewing.

You agree that if CUFF receives verifiable documentation from or about a database subject that contradicts the data you have input, your entry will be removed from the database after advising you via e-mail or U.S. Mail (per your instructions).  You understand that you will be given an opportunity to refute the contradictory information.  If the information provided by the third party is verified as inaccurate, your subject will be republished in the database at no cost.   You agree that if your subject is a civil litigant with an outstanding judgment and the subject provides certified proof of payment of the debt from the county where it is recorded that this entry will be removed from the database.  CUFF will advise you of this removal via e-mail or US mail (per your instructions). 

By using the CUFF database, you agree to all terms and conditions stated above.  In return, CUFF agrees to help you locate the person you are seeking by publishing your entry within five working days following receipt of all pertinent documents and payment and to respond promptly to your e-mail questions regarding your entry and to e-mail you promptly any information provided to CUFF  by Searchers if you have so authorized.

While CUFF may edit your verbiage if some sections are not appropriate for public viewing, you acknowledge full responsibility for the content and information provided.  CUFF will verify all legal documents provided.  However, CUFF may or may not have verified other information you have provided and is not legally responsible for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations.   

Citizens United to Find Fugitives (CUFF)