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                     Go directly to the submission form if you do not need additional instructions.


Enter information in the form below on a fugitive with a warrant, an individual's criminal history, a missing person, an unknown suspect or a child support court order.   CUFF will also publish a civil judgment that is related to a fraud case even if the defendant was not charged criminally.  The judgment information will forewarn other potential victims of the defendant's past actions.

   CUFF verifies all information submitted on a subject before publication.  If your subject has an outstanding criminal warrant, civil judgment or child support warrant or you are inputting a criminal history or missing person, you must provide CUFF with supporting documentation and complete information on the subject. (
Detailed below)  

   When you enter a fugitive with an outstanding felony warrant, CUFF will perform a free address search.  You will be contacted regarding the information obtained.  If an address appears to be current, we will contact the law enforcement agency holding the warrant to report the fugitive's whereabouts.

   CUFF will also work with you to track the fugitive. 
Contact CUFF for details.


   After you submit a subject, you will be notified by e-mail within 72 hours that your entry has been received.  We will hold your submission for 30 days pending receipt of photo or documentation. When these items are received, will will notify you again by e-mail.  Your entry will be published within five working days following your final receipt notice. 

   You will create a personal password to ensure that only you have access to data changes or deletions.  This password must be referenced in any follow-up contact with CUFF.

   If you want CUFF to act as your Contact, we will forward any TIPS from Searchers to the e-mail that you provide in Section 1.

   Submissions will only be removed from the database at your request or by CUFF.  If you want to remove your submission, you may advise us by e-mail and you must include your password.

The information you submit here is NOT searchable on the Internet until we publish it.  The subject will not be contacted at any time by CUFF.

  Documentation Requirements

WARRANTS: Full name and date of birth of subject (if known), name of the municipality or agency where the warrant was issued, approximate date issued and the charge along with a contact name at the agency who can verify the warrant.  

If you do not have a contact name, you can fax us a copy of the court case documents showing the outstanding warrant or send us the link to a Web site that contains a Most Wanted poster of the subject.  Fax the court documents to (303)-459-2751.

We cannot verify a warrant without the above information.  If you believe the subject has a warrant but are not sure, CUFF will perform a $59.00 background search on the subject in order to produce the information. 
Go to the CUFF Background Search page and and order a search.

CIVIL JUDGMENT: Required information: plaintiff's name and address, defendant's name and address, court case number, date of the judgment, county and state where it is recorded, the monetary award and any specific court orders connected with the judgment. (Even though all of this information will appear on the court documents, please include it in the form below.) 

You may mail or fax us a copy of the judgment.  We will verify it with the court after we receive it.  Fax the judgment to: (303)-459-2751. 

Your documents can also be mailed to Citizens United to Find Fugitives; P.O. Box 260843; Lakewood, CO 80226.  

All or part of this information may be published or you may remain anonymous and include just the information on the defendant.  The information that you want published will appear in the database in the CIVIL JUDGMENT field and on the Background Page.  

CRIMINAL HISTORY: Full name, date of birth (if known), date of conviction, name of agency or municipality that issued the charge and the charge on the warrant. This information might be obtained by you simply by contacting the penal institution where the inmate was incarcerated. You can find the institution by going to our Law Enforcement & Gov't. Most Wanted Page for links to inmate locators.  If you cannot find a criminal history for a subject you want to submit but you are sure one exists, CUFF will perform a background search on the subject for $59.00.  Go to the CUFF Background Search page and to order the search.

CHILD SUPPORT If the parent has an outstanding warrant for non payment, see Warrants above.  If the person is being submitted in order to locate them for process service, provide the case number assigned by the state's child support enforcement department and the case worker's name and phone number.

MISSING PERSON:  Copy of missing person's report or information which will allow us to verify a report. 


      The forms below require selecting one or more of the available choices. The one-line forms and scrolling forms require a typed entry.  To enter the data correctly, follow the format explanation to the right of the field.  Click TIPS for more detailed explanations and examples. All verbatim entry examples are printed in bright blue.  

      To make multiple selections, hold down the Control Key as you click each choice.  To remove a selection, click the mouse over the selection to be removed while holding down the Control Key.  

     If any of the multiple-choice forms do not contain appropriate choices for your subject, CUFF will add this information after submission.  Include this information in the Background field after any narrative that you have typed.  Don't enter data in the field in question. 
Example: If the form does not describe your subject's eye color or nationality, leave the default entry in each field and at the end of your narrative in the Background field, type the exact field name, a dash and the correct description, e.g., Eye Color - Violet; Region From - Russia. 

     If you have never searched or submitted information to the CUFF before, it is recommended that you do a few searches to get some ideas of how to best complete the form.  Click Search Database at the top of this form.  Enter basic data such as gender, height, age and race.  Check the DATABASE RESULTS TABLE carefully to see how each field is completed.  In the first field, click Photo/Details to go to the Background Page
to see how it is filled out. 
    If the scroll bar in the pop up windows does not function in your browser, click
TIPS Instructions Page to view all instructions on a single page.

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                                                        Section #1
The data in Section #1 is available only to CUFF and is not provided to anyone without your written consent.

New Entry Change Existing Entry .
 CITY  .
 PHONE(S) Enter: (703) 555-4456; (703) 555-4457
How do you want a Searcher to contact you?  Select one or more methods.
   If relationship to subject is not listed in the form, select OTHER and describe it here.
 PASSWORD Enter 8 characters in any order. Use letters and/or numbers only; no symbols.

                                          Section #2

Section 2 is the contact information for reporting a located fugitive.  If the subject has a warrant, contact can be through CUFF or the agency holding the warrant.  Enter the agency information below. You will be contacted at the phone or e-mail provided in Section 1 if the fugitive is caught.  If you are entering information on a criminal history or civil judgment and want to be contacted, CUFF will contact you at the e-mail or phone provided in Section 1.

 CONTACT NAME Detective, bail bonds agent, child support enforcement officer
 ORGANIZATION Law enforcement jurisdiction, child support agency, bail bonds company 
 PHONE(S) Enter: (703) 555-4456; (703) 555-4457



Format instructions are at the right of each form field.  Click TIPS for more detailed explanations or examples.  In all fields where more than one entry is submitted, use a semicolon and space to separate each individual entry.  Avoid full sentences.  Use phrases or words.  If appropriate, use capital letters, but the search is not case sensitive and your entry will be returned in a search with either lower or upper case. 

The States From field is the only field in which the state's name is not abbreviated.  In some fields you are asked to add the state abbreviation to specific data and in others, you may choose to include a state as part of the information.  Make sure the abbreviation is correct by checking this form:
    FIRST NAME If unknown name, leave ? default. 
    or INITIAL
If unknown name, leave ? default.   
    LAST NAME If unknown name, leave ? default. 
Enter all alias first and middle names and nick names used by subject, e.g., Harry; Tom; Sly  
    ALIAS LAST NAMES Enter all alias last names used by subject, e.g., Crane; Brown; Smith  
    GENDER If unsure because of disguise, etc., enter both.
    RACE/NATIONALITY If race appears mixed or uncertain, enter all that might apply.  TIPS 
    YOUNGEST AGE If unknown, leave 0.  Enter the latest year for DOB, e.g., 1974.  Enter numbers only in this field to prevent an error when the form is submitted.
    OLDEST AGE If unknown, leave 0. Enter the earliest year for DOB, e.g., 1933.
Enter numbers only in this field to prevent an error when the form is submitted.
    SHORTEST INCHES If unknown, leave 0 . Enter the least possible height.   
    TALLEST INCHES If unknown, leave 0. Enter greatest possible height. 
    LIGHTEST  If unknown, leave 0. Enter the least the subject might weigh.  Enter numbers only in this field to prevent an error when the form is submitted.
    HEAVIEST If unknown, leave 0. Enter the most the subject might weigh.  Enter numbers only in this field to prevent an error when the form is submitted.
    HAIR  Include style, balding, etc. TIPS
    EYE COLOR Include glasses, contact lens.  TIPS
    SOCIAL SECURITY # Format: 123-45-6789.  Use hyphens. TIPS 
    DOB Format: Mo/Day/Year (01/07/1957) TIPS  
    REGION FROM Region most closely associated with subject. includes other countries.
    STATES FROM Enter states associated with subject, i.e., former residences, place of birth, potential hideouts, location of  outstanding warrants. TIPS
    PROFESSION Enter all words related to any jobs subject has done or may do in the future. e.g.: Carpet cleaner; electrician; mechanic  TIPS
Enter all unique physical traits of the subject. e.g.: Limps on left foot; Speech impediment; Lazy right eye.  See TIPS for scar & tattoo format.  TIPS
    KEYWORDS Enter any words or phrases associated with the subject, ranging from habits (gambling; cigarettes) to hobbies and favorite sayings.  TIPS
    DRIVER'S LICENSE NO. Enter State, dash, then number, e.g., CA-12345JK4  TIPS
    VEHICLE  Vehicle Description:
Plate Number and/or VIN
Enter description of vehicle in the top form and the Plate and/or VIN in the bottom form.  Format:  PLATE - XXXXXX  OR  VIN - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.  
Check format for each.   TIPS
    ENTRY PURPOSE Select all reasons for entry. TIPS
    EVENT MONTH 2 Digits: 01,02,11 Month connected with event that prompted database entry.  Might not be the warrant date. TIPS
    EVENT YEAR 4 Digits: 1968, 2000 Year connected with event that prompted database entry.  Might not be the warrant date.  TIPS 
    REWARD e.g.,500,1000,10000 For unspecified reward, enter 1 TIPS  
    PHOTO SENT BY: See instructions at the end of form.
    BACKGROUND INFO: If desired, describe in 300 words or less the events that have prompted you to enter the subject into the database.  Use phrases when possible.  Use this field to add any info not available for selection in any other form field. TIPS 
Enter yes only if verification is to be provided. CUFF will not be able to publish warrant information if the required data is not provided.
    MULTIPLE WARRANTS If more than one outstanding warrant, provide info. on each below. 
    WARRANT #1   Municipality:

Mo. 2 Digits:(01,04)
Yr. 4 Digits (1968)
 Warrant Number:
Enter the municipality where the warrant was issued and the charge on the warrant.  If the warrant is for parole or probation violation, include the original charge.  View required documentationTIPS
    WARRANT #2    Municipality:

Mo. 2 Digits:(01,04)
Yr. 4 Digits (1968)
 Warrant Number:
See Warrant #1 for TIPS.  Enter Warrant #2 in this field.  If the subject has more than two outstanding warrants, enter the additional warrant info in the Other Warrants & Criminal Histories field at the bottom of this form.  
    NCIC NUMBER FBI's National Crime Identification Center Number
Enter numbers such as Dept. of Corrections Number, Court Case Number, Child Enforcement Case Number, etc. TIPS
    CIVIL JUDGMENT INFO To see how to enter the data, click TIPS. To see what documentation you must send, click: Required documentation
Enter others connected to subject and their relationship.  TIPS
   Does subject have criminal record other than the current outstanding warrant. View required documentation.  TIPS
  CRIMINAL HISTORY #1  Municipality


Conviction Mo: 2 Digits (03,12)
Conviction Yr.    4 Digits (1998, 2000)
Enter the municipality where the conviction occurred, the charge and the date of conviction.  TIPS
  CRIMINAL HISTORY #2 Municipality


Conviction Mo.   2 Digits (03,12)
Conviction Yr.    4 Digits (1998, 2000)
See Criminal History #1 for TIPS.  Enter a second criminal history record in this field.  Enter additional criminal records for the subject in the Other Warrants & Criminal Histories field below.
Enter additional warrants and criminal histories.  Include the same data as appears in the respective fields above. TIPS
I have read  CUFF's Privacy & Usage Policy and agree to the terms. Yes No  

After submitting, check your entries carefully by following directions on the Confirmation Page.  You can
 make corrections to any errors by clicking
BACK in your browser.  This will save all entries and return
 you to this form.

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                                                     PHOTO SUBMISSION

You may upload a photo here at any time:

You may also e-mail a subject's photo at any time.  To e-mail a photo now as an attachment, return to this page and click:  after you have submitted your entries.  In the e-mail, include your name and password as contained in Section #1 above.  Also, include your subject's first and last name, if known, and the date of your entry.   

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