Fraud Statistics
Fugitive Facts and News
Denver Police Dept. Tells Tipster Who Found Abandoned Boxes of Stolen ID's, Credit Cards, Passports and Birth Certificates to Throw
Away the Evidence as the PD Wasn't Interested
- 2/1/2009
Fraudulent E-Mails Will Be Investigated by Collier County, FL Sheriff - Citizens Told to Forward E-Mails to Fraud Dept. - 12/30/2007
Con Man Uses Funds from New Frauds to Pay Off Old Restitutions - 12/28/2007
EBay Goes to Romania to Fight Fraud - The Private Sector Steps In to Help Law Enforcement Fight Fraud - 12/26/2007
"Cyberlover" Robot Hacks Into the Hearts of Dating Site Members to Steal ID Info - 12/12/2007
One in 10 Web Users Report an Online Fraud Experience - eBay Offers Members Safety Advice for Buying and Selling - 12/10/2007
Lured by Reduced Risks and High Profits, Financial Fraud Replacing Drug Trade for Organized Crime - 12/9/2007
Online Fraud Expected to Increase 20% in 2007 Christmas Season - 12/7/2007
Online Games Use Anti-Fraud Software to Combat Cheats - 11/30/2007
Children Whose Identity Is Stolen Face the Treat of Unlimited Future Fraud - 11/21/2007 
Canadian Legislators Introduce Law to Charge ID Thieves with Fraud before It Happens - 11/20/2007
30.2 Million Americans - 13.5% of Adult Population -  Were Recent Fraud Victims - FTC Reports - 11/8/2007
FBI Director Mueller Warns Audience of the Dangers of Cyber Blockades, "If We Lose the Internet, We Lose our Data...Our Connectivity...Our Intellectual Property...Our Security -11/06/2007
How to Avoid Facebook Fraud - 10/30/2007
Whistle-Blowers Still Best at Finding Fraud, Survey Shows - 10/16/2007
Supreme Court Rules Against Shareholders in Enron-Style Fraud Schemes - 10/15/2007
Don't Blame Me for Fraud; I Just Helped - 10/14/2007
SEC Anti-Spam Enforcement Program Has Reduced Financial Spam by 30% Which  Decreases the Chances of Investor Fraud - 10/04/2007
On November 1st Experian Will Begin Allowing Consumers to Freeze their Credit Reports in Order to Prevent Fraud - 10/4/2007
Financial Institutions Asking Law Enforcement and Regulators to Share More Data to Combat Fraud - 9/16/2007
Fraud Infests E-Cards - 9/18/2007
Seniors Warned of High-Pressure "Investment" Seminars that Can Be Deceptive and Even Lead to Fraud - 9/10/2007
Seattle Man Gets Two Years in Jail & Three Years Probation for Defrauding Over 100 eBay Buyers Out of More Than $90,000 - 9/8/2007
Advanced Fee Fraud Ring Uncovered In Lagos, Nigeria; More than 15,000 Counterfeit Checks Intercepted; Major Cross-Country
Investigation Will Be Opened
- 9/6/2007
Teenage Conman in U.K.Gets One-Year Detention for Defrauding Online Customers Out of Tens of Thousands of Dollars - 7/3/2007
Mortgage Bankers Association Report Cites 30% Increase in Fraud Reports in 2006 - 6/18/2007
Okaloosa, FL Sheriff's Dept. and Faith-Based Groups Create New Program to Help Fight Fraud Against Seniors - 6/14/2007
Employee Fraud Costs Businesses $660 Billion Each Year - Small Businesses Are the Most Vulnerable - 5/27/2007
64% of U.K. Online Retailers Have Been Defrauded; Latest Studies Predict Losses Up to 1.5 Billion Pounds by 2010 - May 16, 2007
Fraud Fears Over Digital Signatures - 4/18/2007
Middle-Age, Male Senior Managers Commit 60% of Internal Company Fraud & Often Commit More than 20 Frauds Before Caught - 4/16/2007
Experian Reports 69% Rise in Identity Fraud Reports in 2006 - Experts Warn Online Organized Crime Partially Responsible - 4/12/2007
Man Serving Prison Time for Fraud Tells Congress How Easy It Is to Use Stolen ID's to File for Tax Refunds - 4/12/2007
23-Year-Old Student Who Defrauded Investors Out of More than $7 Million In Phony Investment Schemes Gets 3.5 Years in Prison - 4/11/2007
Credit Score Scheme Raises Fraud Worries - 4/8/2007
Personal Profiles on Facebook & Other Social Networking Sites Can Leave Members Open to Identity Fraud - 4/7/2007
Toronto's Fraud Hotline Proving Effective - 4/4/2007
Nashville, TN Investment Counselor Gets 20 Years in Prison for Ponzi Scheme that Defrauded Investors Out of More than $8 Million - 4/4/2007
Banks Call for International Effort to Fight Fraud - 96% of Respondents Say Fraud is a Global Issue - 4/4/2007
Man Gets 12 Years in Prison for Fraud After He Gambles Away $4 Million in Bank and Retirement Accounts - 4/20/2007
Offline Fraud Continues to Flourish in an Online World - 4/2007
U.K. Credit Card Victims Told to Go to the Bank, Not to the Police - 3/30/2007
Internet Fraud Report Highlights User Ignorance - 3/27/2007
U.S. Supreme Court Limits Whistleblowers' Take in Fraud Lawsuits - 3/27/2007
1 In 10 Internet Users Victim of Fraud - 3/26/2007
New Passport Applicants Will Now Be Interviewed to Prevent Fraud - 3/21/2007
Men Are the Biggest Victims - and Perpetrators - of Internet Fraud, says FBI Report - 3/20/2007
8 Nigerians Arrested for 419 Advanced Fee Internet Scams - 3/19/2007
Mother Gets 2.5 Years, Son Gets 5 - 6.5 Years for Defrauding Investors out of Nearly $4 Million - 3/19/2007
Urgent Warning to eBay Sellers about a New Fraud Using the "Ask Seller a Question" Feature - 3/17/2007
Auction Fraud Tops Complaints Submitted to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center in 2006 - 3/16/2007
Lloyds of London Initiates Automated Phone Alert Service to Combat Credit Card Fraud - 3/15/07 
FBI and Mortgage Bankers Association Team Up to Fight Two  Common Mortgage Fraud Schemes - 03/10/2007
Lying Becoming Endemic; Embezzlement Common. Says UK Fraud Report - 3/8/2007
22-Year-Old Australian Given 2 Years 10 Months for Defrauding the Gov't Out of over $500,000; Money Was Spent Gambling - 3/6/2007 
Private Investigators Help Sydney Fraud Squad - 1/23/2007 
Japanese Legislature Introduces Fraud Bill that Would Return Money to Victims of Fraud before Defendants' Trials - 2/16/2007
U.K. Initiates Pilot Program that Issues Personal Card Readers for All Online Bank Customers - 2/13/2007
PayPal Sells Anti-Fraud Token - 2/12/2007
Consumer Education Is Major Factor Cited for Reduction of ID Fraud in 2007 - 2/2/2007
Phony Check Scams on Rise - 1/28/2007
Anti-Fraud Efforts in Massachusetts Auto Insurance Industry Reduces Rates by As Much as 24% in Some Counties - 1/25/2007
EBay Heightens Security Precautions as Online Fraud Mounts - 1/17/2007
New UK Fraud Act Establishes Single Statutory Offense for Fraud & Streamlines Conviction Process - But Still Does Not Address the Bottleneck of Police Investigation Resources - 1/15/2007
Denial of Service (DOS) in UK Could Lead to Ten Years in Prison for Hackers 
Penalty for Fraud Is Not Much Deterrent - 1/14/2007
Priest Charged with Embezzling Over $600,000 from Church Had Secret Wife - 1/15/2007
New Kit Helps Fraudsters Launch Automated Online Fraud Attacks - 1/11/2007
Fraud Cops Arrest EBay 2 - 1/7/2007
Is Wireless Technology Encouraging Fraud?  - 1/1/2007
Victims Credit Is Damaged as Credit Bureaus and Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Are Slow to Respond to ID Theft Claims - 12/28/06
Retailers Lost Approximately $9.6 Billion Annually to "Return" Fraud - 12/25/06
New Federal Law Requires Most Hospitals/Nursing Homes to Train Employees in Fraud Detection to Protect Government Funds - 12/14/06
Wisconsin BBB lists worst scams of 2006, from one to 10: Advance fee loans, check scams, foreign lottery scams, work-at-home offers, identity theft, contractor fraud, bogus health and wellness claims, vacation prize scams, selling you something you can get for free and get-rich-quick seminars 12/23/06
Stopping Auction-Site Fraud - 12/17/06
21 Charged in International e-Bay Fraud Scheme that Cost 2000 Victims Over $5 Million - 12/12/06
U.K. Companies Launch Whistle-Blower Hot-Line as 50% of  Fraud in First Half of 2006 Was Committed by Employees - 12/12/06
Denver Post Publishes Top 50 Most Wanted Fugitives to Enlist Public's Help - 12/10/06
India's Best Known Consumer Activist Taken by Nigerian 419 Fraud - 11/23/06
U.S. Whistle-Blowers Helped Recover over $.3 Billion in Fraud Cases - 11/21/06
Coin Dealer Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Defrauding Buyers on eBay - 11/21/06
Internet Auction Crime Tops List of Cybercrimes - 11/17/06
Utah Working to Criminalize Mortgage Fraud - 11/17/06 
New Law Introduced for England, Wales and Northern Ireland Will Require Complex Fraud Trials to Be Heard by Judges, Not Juries -11/15/06
Phishing Kits Banned by England's New Fraud Act -11/13/06
Full Text of Fraud Act of 2006 Passed for England and Wales in late 2006 
How to Beat Online Fraud - 11/07/06
Online Banking Fraud up 55% in First Half of 2006 - 11/07/06
Swedish Study Links Steroid Use to Crimes, Fraud - 11/06/06
U.K. Gov't Paying Lip Service to Fraud-Fighting Without Spending the Money Necessary to Solve Problem, Says Fraud Watchdog - 10/26/06
New English Law Will Close Loopholes - 10/24/06
Experian Survey Reveals Consumers Most at Risk for ID Fraud - 10/23/06
Fraud Against Elderly On The Upswing - 10/7/06
Quick-Thinking Leads to Arrest of Fugitive After He Obtained over $135,000 in Loans from Elderly Canadian Man. - 9/22/06
Lawsuit Filed Against EBay for Laxity in Their Efforts to Prevent Sale of Counterfeit Merchandise - 9/20/06
Canada's Largest Retailer Uses Software System to Identify Merchandise Return Fraud - 9/19/06
Arizona's AG's Fraud Fighter Concept In Limbo While Banks Decide How to Implement It - 9/18/06
Seniors Call for Action Against Medicare ID Fraud and Miami Herald Opens Web Site Forum to Help - 9/17/06
Army Criminal Investigation Command Warns of the Growing Internet-Based Nigerian Advanced Fee Scams - 9/14/06
Former CFO of HealthSouth Corp. Sentenced to Three Years for His Part in $2.7 Billion Fraud - 9/12/06
Heir to Kaiser Industries Convicted of Fraud After Being Lured into International Fraud Scheme by Professional Con Artists - 8/22/06
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Offer Free Online Video to Help Businesses Protect Against Fraud - 8/06
V.A. Now Provides Free I.D. Monitoring to Vets to Prevent I.D. Theft - 8/10/06
Investment Fraud Victims More Knowledgeable about Finances than Non-Victims, Study Shows - 8/6/06
Keeping Fraud Cases from Falling Through the Cracks - 7/30/06
British I.D.Victim Shares His Story of Being Blacklisted for Two Years Because of his Credit Rating  - 7/26/06
U.K. Report Says Internet Fraud Investigation Complicated by Confusion Over Where Victims Should Report the Crime - 7/25/06
Online Fraudsters Now Using "Man in the Middle" Techniques Which Intercept Data Moving Between Customer and Bank - 7/25/06
Drug Dealers Use Mortgage Fraud Schemes in Ireland to Launder Money - 7/24/06
U.K. To Introduce Plea Bargaining for High Level Financial Fraud - Little Guys Get Reduced Terms in Exchange for Turning in Mr. Big - 7/24/06
U.K. Proposing to Change Penalty for I.D. Theft from Fines to Up to Two Years in Prison - 7/25/06
Online Yellow Pages Get Social with Business "Review Fraud" Feedback- 7/14/06
Authorities Fight Document Fraud as Terror Threat - 7/3/06
North Africa Region to Strengthen Anti-Fraud Efforts in Cooperation with European Ant-Fraud Office - 7/3/06 
U.K. Police Hampered in Fighting Fraud by Artifical Regional Divisions Which Are Well-Known to Fraudsters - 6/14/06
Barclays Bank Offers Free Anti-Virus Software to Customers to Help Reduce Online Fraud - 6/9/06
Internet Fraud Fugitive Turned In by Girlfriend After He Bragged About His Fugitive Status - But His 6-Year Sentence Is Reduced by the
Judge to 3 Years for the $300,000 Fraud of Nearly 200 Victims
- 6/06
U.K.'s Fraud Review and Fraud Act to Improve Fraud Investigation Which the Report Describes as "Second only to drug trafficking in causing harm to the economy and society." - 5/06
Online Fraud Rate Drops to Near In-Person Rates - 4/19/06
Victims of California Foreclosure Fraud Say Being Duped Worse than the Foreclosure - 4/17/06
Foreclosure Fraud Leads to Criminal and Civil Charges for Two California Men - 4/17/06
Why Credit Card Fraud on the Net Is an Issue - 4/8/06
Identity Fraud Costs Australia $1.1 Billion Annually - 4/7/06
Business Signatures Releases Fraud Database Technology - 3/31/06
Washington State Creates Fraud Bureau - 3/29/06
ZIP Code Turns Into a Fraud Deterrent For Credit Card Thieves - 3/17/06
ID Theft Victim Tries to Report the Theft But Instead Gets Investigated as the Perpetrator - 3/12/06
World Wide Wave of Debit Card Fraud - Source of Data Compromise Still Unknown - 3/10/06
Chip and Pin Hailed as Card Fraud Falls 12% - 3/07/06
ID Fraud "Key Mover" for Terrorists - 3/07/06
Lloyds TSB Security Trial Wipes Out Online Fraud - 3/06/06
Biometrics Alone Will Not Stop Fraud - 2/2/06
Most ID Theft Occurs Offline - 1/30/06
Man Sentenced to Three Years Probation for Committing Fraud on eBay Totaling over $25,000 - 1/26/06
FBI Chief Urges Exchange on Computer Fraud Data - 1/26/06
Online Fraud Fastest Growing Fraud in Europe, According to the European Commission - 1/26/06
ID Theft Tops Fraud Complaints filed with FTC in 2005 - 1/25/06
Terrorists and Criminals Will Gain U.S. Entry Through Immigration Fraud - 1/20/06
Retailers On the Lookout for Gift Card Fraud - 1/19/06
Background Checks Curbing Medicare Fraud - 1/19/06
Three-Digit Number on Back of Credit Card Helps Prevent Fraud - 1/19/06
Banks Stress Vigilance as Online Fraud Scams Increase - 1/15/06
Fraud Victims Left in Lurch by Banks - 1/14/06
India Revives Fingerprint Plan to Combat Fraud - 1/9/06
Lack of Funding Threatens Housing Agency's Anti-Fraud Unit - 01/06/05
China Cracking Down on Cell Phone Fraud Created by Pre-Paid Phones - 12/28/05
Canada Warns of Online Tamiflu Fraud - 12/26/05
Britain Imposes 6 1/2-Year Sentence on African Who Masterminded 20 Million Pound Check and Credit Card Fraud -12/24/05 
Lottery Fraud Alert Issued on Calgary, Canada Company Sending Checks Written On Oregon Credit Union Account  - 12/24/05
Fraud Alerts on Credit Reports Creating Problems for Many Consumers - 12/23/05
New Jersey Says New ID System Preventing License Fraud - 12/18/05
Bank of America and Earthlink Launch New Online Toolbar to Prevent Phishing Fraud and Identity Theft - 12/12/05
FFIEC Issues Strong Authentication Guidelines to Help Banks Combat Fraud - 12/12/05
IRS Warns Taxpayers About E-Mail Tax Fraud - 12/11/05
Iovation Releases Advanced Online Fraud-Detection Technology - 12/09/05
Fake Web Site Registrations Churn Online Fraud - 12/08/05
44 Indicted in Landmark Marriage Fraud Investigation - 11/30/05
Identity Fraud TIPS from CNET's news.com - How to Protect Yourself and What to Do After It Happens - 11/2005
Study Shows Employee Fraud Fueled by Debt, Greed, Boredom, Lack of Structure in Life and Temporary Insanity - 11/21/05
Deaf Relay Fraud Must Be Halted - 11/19/05
Mortgage Company Introduces "FraudMark" to Reduce Mortgage Fraud - 11/18/05
Western Union to Post Warnings to Protect Customers From Fraudulent Wire Transfers - 11/15/05
Australians Willing to Pay for ID Fraud Protection - 11/14/05
Risk of Debt Card Fraud Rises - 11/12/05
CheckFree FraudNet Helps Prevent Online Fraud Before It Happens - 10/27/05
U.S. Banks Creating Database of Blacklisted Employees to Prevent Rehiring Within the Industry - 10/26/05
Fraud Hotlines Help Ensure Whistleblowers Come Forward to Report Crimes - 10/24/05
Average Fraud Case Involves the Analysis of Over 500,000 Electronic Documents - 10/18/05
Fraud Drives Banks' Smart Card Push - 10/18/05
Massive Rise in Identity Fraud Partially Due to "Bin Raiders" Paid by Crooks to Dig through Garbage Cans for Identity Documents - 10/17/05
Anti-Phishing Working Group Expands Online Identity Theft Charter - 10/13/05
ID Cards Will Spearhead Anti-Fraud Battle - 10/13/05
Microchip and Pin Security Cuts Credit Card Fraud - 10/11/05
South Carolina Attorney General's Office Hires More Fraud Prosecutors to Meet Public Demand for Increased  Prosecution  - 10/08/05
VISA to Spend $200 Million Fighting Online Fraud - 10/07/05
Uniform Approach Needed on ID Fraud, Cyber-Terrorism - 10/05/05
Fraud Booms with Mortgage Market - 10/04/05
Security Experts Barely Keeping Up With Online Fraud - 10/03/05
ICE Busts Apparent Marriage Fraud Ring in Florida - 10/01/05
Shortage of Trained Indian Labor in Indian Call Centers Increases Risk of Fraud and Identity Theft - 9/13/05
Fraud Reveals Workings of Internet Theft - 9/11/05
How to Beat the Menace of Net Fraud - 9/11/05
Putting the Squeeze on Credit Card Fraud - CNET.com 9/9/05 
Guidelines to Help Victims Avoid Fraud after Katrina - AP 9/9/05
Chip and PIN Fuel ID Fraud - 9/7/05
Check Fraud Common but Preventable - 9/4/05
Parliament Debating Fraud Bill which Could Require More Fraud-Related Training for Police and Data-Sharing Between 
Private Sector and Law Enforcement to Combat Identity Theft
- 8/21/05
Click Fraud Claims Drive Lawsuits - 8/18/05
New Fraud Prevention Technology Decreases Fraud by 80% in Banks Using the Systems - 8/19/05
Australian Privacy Laws Blamed for Increased Identity Theft - 8/15/05
Mortgage Fraud Is Contributing to Higher Foreclosure Rates - 8/7/05
Florida Attorney General Initiates Consumer E-Mail Fraud Alerts - 7/30/05
"Fingerprinting" of Materials Could Protect Against Fraud and Terrorism - 8/5/05
Elderly More Vulnerable to Fraud, Says FTC - 7/28/05
Lost and Stolen File to Tackle ID Fraud in Australia - 7/20/05
U.S. Uses 2003 Extradition Treaty with Britain to Nab Two British Businessmen Connected with Enron Fraud - 07/17/05
Inmates Defraud U.S. Government Out of Millions with Phony Tax Returns Filed From Prison - 7/1/05
England's New Fraud Law Clarifies Fraud, Makes Prosecution Easier - 6/22/05
Is Checking Fraud Too Risky for Consumers - Banks Limit Their Liability in Check Fraud and Often Place the Burden on the Victim - 6/15/05
Bank of America Offers Online Fraud Detection Tool - 6/15/05
VISA Introduces "Advanced Authorization" at the Checkout Counter which Could Reduce Credit Card Fraud by 40% - 6/13/05
Juries To Be Axed in England In High-Level Fraud Cases As Legal Arguments Are Too Complicated for Average Jurors - 6/13/05 
Private Eyes Help New Zealand Migrant Fraud Unit - 6/09/05
Oregon Department of Human Sources Launches Fraud Reporting Hot Line - 6/08/05
New Zealand Police Stretched by Online Fraud - 06/06/05
The Mortgage Bankers Association Launches Online Anti-Fraud Resource Center- 06/05/05
Hong Kong Banks Move to Stamp Out Online Fraud - 5/31/2005
Bank of America Starts Online Fraud Protection Service - 5/27/05
Reformed UK Fraud Law to Tackle Phishing Attacks - Sentences Could Be Up to 10 Years; Law Also Clarifies Fraud - 5/27/05
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans Recognized for Fighting Health Care Fraud - 5/23/05
Tennessee Lawmakers Concerned over Lack of TennCare Fraud Convictions - 5/22/05 
Massachusetts Proposes Identity Theft Law that Could Impose Sentences of 5 to 10 years - 5/18/05
Restitution Delayed in Massive Internet Fraud - 5/13/05
Click Fraud: What It Is and How It Works - 5/13/05
Proposals to Tighten Up Anti-Fraud Laws in England Unveiled - 5/17/04