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Fugitive Statistics 
Fraud Facts and News
10th Judicial District in Tennessee Extradites Its First Fugitive from Mexico - Defendant Charged with Murdering His Baby Son - 1/1/2008
FBI Will Use Digital Billboards in 20 Cities to Advertise Fugitives and Security Warnings - 12/26/2007
Budget Restraints in U.S. States Leaves Some Fugitives Safe and Sound in Guam  - 12/10/2007
Immigration Officials Arrest More than 30,000 Alien Fugitives in Fiscal Year 2007 - More than Twice 2006 - 12/5/2007
ICE Nets More than 30,000 Alien Fugitives in Fiscal 2007 - 12/05/2007
Husband and Wife Fugitives Wanted in Texas for Sexual Assault on a Child Apprehended after 17 Years on the Run - 12/5/2007
Marshals Catch Fugitives with Promise of Free 360s - 11/29/2007
Canada Faces Same Fugitive Extradition Problem across Provinces as U.S. Does Across States: Limited Funds to Send the Fugitives
Back to Face Justice Where They Committed the Crimes
- 11/17/2007
Hunting Fugitives A Science, Says an Expert - 10/13/2007
Florida Department of Corrections Gives Insights Into How Many Fugitives Are Living In the State - 9/26/2007
If Each Agency Is Accountable, We Can Reduce the Fugitive Problem - 9/25/2007
Fugitive Sees Self on TV and Surrenders - 8/28/2007Assault
Police License Plate Reader Draws Objections from ACLU - 7/29/2007
MySpace Users Post Bulletins to Search for Fugitives - 7/20/2007
Not Enough Room in the Jails for the Fugitives In Some Ohio Counties and Not Enough Money to Build New Jails - 7/11/07
High-Tech Billboards in Knox County, TN Help Hunt for Wanted Fugitives - 7/9/2007
A Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Discusses the Details of a Real Fugitive Hunt to Find Murders - 7/7/2007
South Dakota Woman Gets Three Years Probation for Harboring Fugitives - 6/28/2007
Cuba Will No Longer Provide Safe Haven for U.S. Fugitives - 5/29/2007
Breaking the Law Shouldn't Mean Gaining Sanctuary - San Francisco Opposes Arresting Illegal Immigrants - 5/2/2007
Senate Immigration Bill Has Loopholes for Terrorists and Fugitives - 5/25/2007
Living Among Fugitives - TV Station Tracks a Fugitive to Understand Why So Many Warrants Remain Unserved - 5/26/2007
Creation of Fugitive Task Force in 2004 Greatly Improved Success of Fugitive-Finding by Law Enforcement - 5/23/2007
50% of Fugitives Profiled in "Most Wanted" Magazine Since 1/2007 Have Been Caught  - 5/14/2007
U.S. Fugitives Worry About Cuba Without Castro - 5/12/2007
California Uses Article 4 of Mexican Penal Code to Prosecute Mexican Citizens in Mexico for Crimes Committed in U.S. - 4/17/2007
Johnson City, TN Police Now Use PDA's to Run Vehicle Tag and Driver's License through NCIC in Random Stops - 4/11/2007
Brazil's Beach Life Tempts International Fugitives - 4/10/2007
How To Get on the FBI's Most Wanted Fugitive List - 4/4/2007
Many Illegals Caught by Law Enforcement & Ordered to Leave U.S. Are Still Here Due to Lack of Gov't Enforcement Resources - 4/3/2007
Fugitives Church-Surrender Program Growing in Popularity Among Law Enforcement Agencies - 4/2/2007 
U.S. Can't Account for Over 600,000 Fugitives - 3/27/2007
Vancouver, B.C.'s Loose Extradition Laws Make It a Haven for Fugitives, Scam Artists - 3/24/1007
Police in South Carolina Lure Fugitives with Ads for Free TV - 3/21/2007
Despite Technology, Many Fugitives Hard to Net - 3/10/2007
Virginia Fugitive Turns Himself In After Seeing His Photo in Newspaper's Most Wanted Section - 3/5/2007
Canada Is a Haven for World's Most Wanted Who Claim They Can't Get a Fair Trial at Home - 3/04/2007
Fort Smith, Arkansas Police Create MySpace Page to Catch a Fugitive - 3/3/2007
FBI's Joint Efforts with Chicago TV Station to Air "Fugitive of the Week" Program A Big Success
Colorado Police Department Catches 37 Fugitives With Valentine's Day Flower Delivery Ploy - 2/15/2007
Sharp-Eyed Spectator Spots Fugitive at Basketball Game - 2/14/2007
"Fugitive of the Week" Program Producing Results in Billings, MT - 1/31/2007
New Michigan Law Protects the Identities of Crime Stoppers Tipsters from Subpoenas - 1/26/2007
Lack of Jail Space Result of U.S. Marshal's Successful Fugitive Apprehension Programs - 1/17/2007
NCIC Celebrates 40 Years - 1/18/2007
Maine TV Show Aires Fugitives' Photos While Police Man Phones - 1/16/2007
Bounty Hunters' Work Not Always Like TV Shows - 1/14/2007
Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Lists 70,000 Fugitives in Searchable Online Database - 1/13/2007
Police Reviewing Policies after Wrong Man Jailed - 1/12/2007
U.S. Marshals in Delaware Nab 349 Fugitives in 2006 - 1/11/2007
Mexico Extradites Suspect in California Deputy's Death - 1/10/2007
Northern Kentucky Probation and Parole Office Forms Fugitive Apprehension Team - 1/8/2007
All British Police Web Sites Should Post Most Wanted Fugitives, Says Senior Officer - 1/3/07
U.S. Ambassador Praises Mexico for Extraditing More Fugitives in 2006 - 12/28/06
Violent Crime Still on the Rise in First Half of 2006  - 12/19/2006
How Some Fugitives Are Caught and How Some Get Away for Decades - 12/11/06
Portland, Maine TV Station Launches Fugitive Profile Segment on Prime Time - 11/28/06
Fugitive Church Program Nets More than 1,300 Arizona Fugitives - 11/19/06
U.K. Publishing Most Wanted Child Sex Offenders on Web Site - 11/18/06
Fugitives Encouraged to Give Up and Go to Church in Maricopa County, AZ - 11/16/06
Florida DOC Pares Down Fugitive Probationers By Using Innovative Solutions - 11/13/06
U.S. Marshal's National Fugitive Apprehension Program Rounds Up over 11,000 Fugitives In a Week - 11/03/06
Britain and Spain Cooperate to Set Up Hot-Line though CrimeStoppers to Capture over 300,000 Expatriates Living in Spain - 10/31/06
Mexico Has Extradited a Record 50 Fugitives So Far This Year - 10/24/06
Indonesia To Televise Identities of Fugitive Businessmen and Officials Convicted for Corruption - 10/14/06
International Drug Lords Get New Identities in Dominican Republic to Duck Warrants in U.S. - 9/28/06
Thailand To Install Fingerprint Scanning Devices at New Airport to Identify Fugitives - 9/28/06
Camden County, NJ Sheriff's "Operation Condor" Catches Sexual Predator with 20-Year-Old Warrant for Sexual Offense - 9/25/06
Gaming Revenues Provide Grant to Arizona City for Purchase of Two Live Scan ID Systems that Includes Mug Shots, Fingerprints - 8/06 
Fugitives Planning to Surrender under the Fugitive "Safe Surrender" Program Will Just Have to Wait - Program Cancelled till Next Year - 8/17/06
Faith-Based National "Fugitive Safe Surrender Act" Gives Fugitives A Safe, Non-Violent Place to Surrender - 8/15/06
45 ICE Fugitive Operation Teams Now Tracking Alien Fugitives in U.S.   - 8/09/06
Personal MySpace Sites Helping to Find Missing Persons - 8/8/06
Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act - Sex Offenders Who Fail to Register Face $250,000 Fine and Ten-Year Prison Sentence - 8/3/06
Michigan Increases State Budget for Tracking Fugitives by 50% - 8/1/06
Texas Drafting a Law to Permit Arresting Out-of-State Fugitives Without Waiting for a Warrant from their Home States - 7/29/06
An Indiana County 4-H Fair Exhibit Catches Fugitive with Most Wanted Posters  - 7/27/06
Mississippi Police Find Most Wanted Fugitive Where He Had Been All Along - In Prison - 7/21/06
Task Force Makes FAST Work of Catching Felony Fugitives - 7/5/06
Philippines Bureau of Immigration Department Creates Own Interpol to Handle Fugitives Seeking Refuge in their Country - 7/4/06
Extradition to U.S. from Canada of U.S. Citizen Wanted for Murder Could Take Years - 7/3/06
Potential for Death Penalty Sentence Could Delay for Years the Extradition from Canada of Man Wanted for Murder In U.S. - 7/3/06
Electronic Fingerprints Help Customs Agents Nab Fugitives at the Border - 6/25/06
U.S. Praises Mexico for Extraditing Alleged Rapist - 6/21/06
Internet Fraud Fugitive Turned In by Girlfriend After He Bragged About His Fugitive Status - But His 6-Year Sentence Is Reduced by the
Judge to 3 Years for the $300,000 Fraud of Nearly 200 Victims
- 6/06
Cleveland, OH Police Give Fugitives a Second Chance If They Come to Church to Surrender - 6/3/06
New Michigan Law Will Strengthen Penalties for Harboring Fugitives - 6/14/06
U.S. Report: 2.2 Million Now in Jail, Prisons - 1 Out of Every136 People - 5/22/06
Police Use Billboards to Display Tennessee Fugitives - 5/19/06
Thousands of Fugitives Are Walking Our Streets - 5/17/06
Authorities Use Cell Phone Tracking to Capture Pair of Fugitives in New Hampshire - 5/10/06
More than 9,000 Fugitives Caught in a Week-Long National Dragnet - 4/27/06
Local Texas Law Enforcement Agencies Join U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force - 4/6/06
Three-Week Long Raid in Washington, D.C. by U.S. Marshals Netted More Than 300 Fugitives, 11 Wanted for Murder - 3/31/06
Public Responds with Tips to Ad for 618 Wanted Fugitives Published in Nevada County, Nevada Newspaper - 3/30/06
Operation Rolling Thunder in New York State Nets 169 Dangerous Fugitives - 3/29/06
Law Enforcement Acknowledges that It Needs the Public's Help to Find Fugitives with Newspaper Most Wanted Ads - 3/27/06
Playing Cards with Fugitives' Faces and Associated Rewards Distributed by Odessa, Texas Crime Stoppers - 3/20/06
Lake County Indiana Prosecutor Hopes Billboards Will Help Catch Fugitives - 3/18/06
Billboard Space Donated in Columbia, SC to Advertise Fugitives - 2/14/06
Cold Case Playing Cards Lead to Charges in Polk County Florida When Inmate Recognizes Fugitive on a Card - 2/10/06
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Searching for 500,000 Absconders - 1/23/06
Phoenix, Arizona Launches Web Site with Searchable Database Containing 30,000 of County's Most Wanted Fugitives - 1/19/06
Year-Old Montana Task Force Captured One Fugitive A Day in 2005 - 1/18/06
Feds, Church Ask 80,000 Arizona Fugitives to Come to Church to Turn Themselves In  -1/14/06
Trio A Force In Finding Fugitives - 01/06/06
Study Shows Bail Bonds Reduce Number of Fugitives - 01/04/06
South Florida Crime Stoppers Nails 359 Fugitives in Record Year - 1/3/06
U.S. Marshals Service Naps 234 Fugitives in Delaware in 2005 - Nearly Twice that of 2004 - 1/2/06
A Couple Accused of Child Neglect, A Doctor Accused of Sexual Molestation Are Still Florida Fugitives - 01/01/06
Tennessee Requires Drunk Drivers to Wear Orange Vests with the Wording, "I am a drunk driver" while doing roadside litter control. - 12/30/05
Hampton Roads, Virginia Follows Newport News' Examples and Runs Successful Newspaper Ad for Fugitives - 12/30/05
U.S. Marshals Service Has New, Improved Fugitive Task Force in South Dakota - 12/15/05
13 Louisiana Fugitives Arrested in Texas After Applying for Federal Aid as Hurricane Victims - 12/20/05
Fugitives Prove Power of the Media After Turning Themselves In - Scranton, PA - 12/17/05
State Police Round Up 200 Fugitives - A Small Fraction of the Number Still Out There, Says Michigan Trooper - 12/16/05
Finding Fugitives Isn't Always Easy - 12/08/05
Fugitives - Some Run for Decades - 12/07/05
Mexican Supreme Court Reverses Ban on Extraditing Fugitives Facing Life Sentences in U.S.- 12/01/05
Chinese Police Use Playing Cards to Publicize Most Wanted Fugitives - 11/17/05
San Diego PD Salute Mexican Police for Helping to Nab Four Felony Fugitives - 11/16/05
Fugitive Tracked Down by Ohio TV Station Avoids Capture Because Police Didn't Have Officers Available to Make Arrest - 11/10/05
Watch Fugitive Bust Video Filmed by L.A. TV Station As Fugitive Operation Team Captures Four Fugitives - 11/05
Yahoo Web Site Helps Japan Publicize Five Fugitives Wanted for 1995 Sarin Attack on Tokyo Subway - Japan Times Online - 11/08/05
One-Third of the Fugitives Advertised in Newport News, VA Newspaper In Custody Within One Week - 11/11/05
Outstanding Success of Macon, GA Regional Crime Stoppers Attributed to Interaction of Police, the Media and the Public - 11/08/05
Kansas City Plans to Seek Out and Arrest Violent Fugitives with "Warrant Wolf Packs" - 10/12/05
Oprah's Show Leads to Apprehension of Wanted Child Molester - 10/07/05
Hawaii Newspaper's Most Wanted Section Catches Fugitives - 10/05/05
Most Wanted Fugitives Linked to Bail Resort Bombings - 10/02/05
Probation Officers Helping Track Down Fugitives Missing After Hurricane Katrina - 09/28/05
State's Fugitives Highlighted in Weekly "Wanted" Poster - New Hampshire Union Leader - 9/14/05
Louisville, KY Police Department Announce More Overtime for Officers to Help Catch Fugitives - 9/2/05
Strafford County, NH's "FIST" Praised for Finding Fugitives - 8/18/05
Fugitives from Mexico Hide in Bustle of Los Angeles - 8/8/05
New York Governor Pataki Establishes a Web site and 800 Number to Publicize New York's 100 Most Wanted - 7/21/05
Michigan Fugitive Sweep Nets 201 Parolees, Largest in Project S.A.F.E. Street's Two-Year History - 7/19/05
U.S. Marshals Increase Fugitive Apprehension 50% Over Past Four Years - 7/16/05
Virginia Magazine, "Fugitive Weekly," Publishes Local Fugitives Twice Monthly - 7/13/05
NCIC Fugitives, Including an FBI's Most Wanted and Nine Murder Suspects, Left Out of State Department's Passport Watch List - 6/30/05 
Fugitive Extradition Gap Between U.S. and Mexico Shortens - 6/28/05
Sheriff's Dept. Cuts Off Welfare Payments to Fugitives, Then Arrests Them When they Go to Welfare Dept. to Complain - 6/23/05
Bill to Publicize U.S. Fugitives in Cuba Derailed in House - 6/17/05
Success of An Ad in 12/04 Containing Names of Thousands of Fugitives Prompts Newport News, VA Paper To Do It Again  - 6/12/05
America's Most Wanted Taps Billboards to Find Fugitives - 5/24/05
Phillipine Government Considers Introducing National Fugitive "Yellow Pages" So Civilians Could Help Track Down the Criminals - 5/21/05
Mexico Sentences and Imprisons American Fugitives Under Little Known Article IV in the Mexican Penal Code - 5/21/05
One out of Every Four Murder Suspects in Colorado Flees to Mexico, says CO Lawmaker - 5/18/05
U.S. Justice Dept.Waits for Mexico to Act on 800 Open Extradition Cases for U.S. Fugitives Who Have Fled to Mexico - 5/18/05
Texas Law Enforcement Officers Can Now Arrest Fugitives from Other Countries and States Who Flee to East Texas - 5/12/05
Law Enforcement Agencies Contract with Private Firms to Reduce the Costs of  Extraditing Fugitives - 5/3/2005
Bail Bond Companies in Port Arthur, Texas Complain Town Becoming Fugitive Haven Because Police Aren't Arresting Bond Skips - 5/02/05
Marion County, Florida Hopes to Lure In Over 10,000 Fugitives with Express Bail Night - 4/29/05
Newspaper Editorial Urges Aggressive Fugitive Apprehension Everyday, Not Just During National Victims Rights Week - 4/23/05
Toledo, Ohio Case Exposes Gaps in Criminal Databases - 4/17/05
US Marshals Work with Local Law Enforcement to Nab Over 10,000 Fugitives in One Weekend - 4/15/05
Fugitives Find Sanctuary in Churches - 3/24/05
Ninety Fugitives Arrested in Cumberland County, NC - 3/19/05
Brazil Still Lures Fugitives as Safe Haven - 3/18/05 - Jesse James Hollywood Captured in Brazil in 3/05
U.S. Marshals Help Local Police - 3/18/05
A FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitive May Be in Seattle - 3/17/05
Fugitives Worked for School District - 3/13/05
Vermont Fugitives Mistakenly Omitted on FBI List - 3/8/05
Surrounded by Fugitives - 2/14/05
Systems For Tracking Fugitives Improve, But Slowly - 12/28/04
Virginia Paper Publishes Police Ad Listing Nearly 4,000 Wanted Fugitives - 12/07/04
China's ATM Machines Flash Fraud Warnings that Alert Customers about Scams - 09/25/04
Lack of Detention Space Has Led to 400,000 Fugitives Who Are 'Other than Mexican' - 08/08/04
One In 32 Are Under Corrections' Watchful Eye -7/27/04
Life on the Lam No Bed of Roses for Business Fugitives - 6/29/04 
Greg White's Tough Crime-Fighting Style Wins National Honors (Greg White is a U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio) 6/23/04
U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Laws in At Least 21 States, Giving Police the Right to Require People to Divulge Their Name - 6/21/04
Training Will Nab Fugitives - 6/17/04
Crimestoppers Reels in Fugitives After Appearing in Paper (And Police Warn of Criminal Charges for Harboring Fugitives) - 5/25/04 
Florida A Haven for Fugitives  - 05/20/04
Fugitives Are Learning They Can Flee to Countries That Won't Extradite Them - 04/05/04
Homicides on the Rise in Buffalo, NY & Many Fugitives Remain on the Streets  3/30/04
Fugitives Flock to Las Vegas But Cops Tout Crime-Fighting   USA Today  03/18/04
Oscar winning actor Russell Crow unwittingly hires fugitive as private charter pilot   12/14/03
Hawaii Cuts Welfare Payments to 137 Fugitives - 11/27/2003
Because of manpower shortages in the Hartford, CT Police Department, officers don't always enter fugitives' names into the police database, which allows the fugitives to avoid arrest. 11/12/03
Fugitive Wanted for 15 Years by USMS Is Released on Bail for Drug Charge in 9/03 after Fooling North Carolina Police with False ID. - 9/03
Congressional Study Reveals Fake Driver's Licenses Are Easy to Obtain - 9/03
Back Behind Bars - 9 of 12 ex-cons tracked by newspaper return to prison, Arizona Republic, 6/29/03 
Criminals Fleeing to Mexico Prosecuted with Arizona Help  - Arizona Republic, 6/25/03
Fugitive Wanted for Attempted Murder of Police Officers Captured after Deceiving Police with False ID 10 Times over 7 Years2/05/03
Fugitives Roam Free, Endanger Public - 12/08/02

No Shows Are Rampant -  Massachusetts, Southcoast Today, 7/2000

The Mission of the U.S. Marshals Service to Investigate and Apprehend Federal Fugitives, Speech by the head of the USMS to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Criminal Justice Oversight, 6/2000
Parolees and Probationers Should Have to Post Bail -  Mackinac Center for Public Policy Research concludes that Michigan's probation and parole system should be modeled after the private bail system.
Arrest Warrants Go Unenforced - Boston, MA, Southcoast Today, 1/6/99
Fugitives Find Little Reason to Hide - 1996 article is still true, Sun News, 12/96
Trial Judge Discusses Ricidivism Dilemma  - Web Site of  Michael Marcus, Judge, Circuit Court, Multnomah County, Oregon