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ALIASES:  Gerald Rogers; Jay Rogers; JD Rogers; Jay Evans;  Jerald Drexel Rogers; Jack Rogers; Jerry Rogers; Dave Rogers; Jay Rodgers; Jack Allen

Gerald Drexal Rogers, Jr. was arrested by the FBI on 02/12/03 in Springdale, Ohio...
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Rogers was sentenced in Volusia County, FL on July 3, 2003 to 36 months in a Florida state prison for the charges of Grand Theft of a Vehicle.  He was ordered to pay restitution of over $14,000.00 to the car dealership from whom he stole the vehicle.  It was this charge that prompted the FBI to issue the Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution charge that eventually led to his arrest in Tennessee in 2/03.

The successful apprehension of Rogers ended  two years of searching by members of a Kentucky family who were defrauded by Rogers and nearly eleven months by CUFF members and police officers in multiple jurisdictions across the U.S.

The apprehension was made as a result of efforts led by the FBI.  Information provided to them by victims and police in Germantown, TN where Rogers pulled a rent scam in January 2003 in addition to anonymous tips enabled the agency to find and arrest him within a few weeks once they put their resources to work.  CUFF has spoken to the FBI case agent and we can't laud her and the other agents enough for their conscientiousness and competence.

Jessica Evans, the 22-year-old daughter of the Kentucky family who was defrauded and who had been reported missing by her family, was found with Rogers in Ohio.  Her family is thrilled to know she is well and will soon be able to see and talk to them again.

It was Sarah Farris of Kentucky, the aunt of Jessica Evans and the sister of the Kentucky woman defrauded by Rogers, who initiated the search for Rogers in early 2001.  She was able to sleuth her way through an unconnected string of data that eventually led her to the real identity of Gerald Rogers, a man who had appeared out of nowhere in late 2000 and convinced Jessica that he was a Hollywood agent who could make her a star.  Over the ensuing months, Jessica's parents "loaned" Rogers tens of thousands of dollars to help Jessica's career plans.  When the family finally realized they were dealing with a con artist, Rogers disappeared with Jessica in tow.

Since March 2002, when Farris contacted CUFF via the Web site, members have worked closely with her and her family providing research and encouragement, contacting law enforcement jurisdictions who had been hit by Rogers, tracking down victims and initiating publicity in the local press where Rogers was wanted for his scams.

It was the family's persistence that led to the FBI's involvement in July 2002 with the attachment of the Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution charge to the Florida Grand Theft warrant.  

The search for Rogers led through at least 15 states and 41 jurisdictions as CUFF members and Jessica's family used the Internet and police agencies used the NCIC to follow his scams.  However, for nearly a year, he was always one town or one state ahead of the law - until February 12, 2003 when justice was finally served.

As a result of information in Rogers' CUFF database record, the Germantown, TN landlord was able to convince local police that the rent scam was premeditated, just like in other states, and was not a civil landlord/tenant dispute.  Rogers is being charged with Theft of Services for the scam.

Rogers faces charges in so many jurisdictions that it will be many, many years before he is free to prey on unsuspecting victims again.  And when he is released, suspicious victims can search the Straight Shooter database where they will find his criminal history and mug shot - even if he changes his name again.

The successful apprehension of Rogers demonstrates that citizens can play an important part in finding fugitives - by communicating via the Internet and sharing the information they obtain with law enforcement.  And just think how many victims would have been spared if the Kentucky family had been able to search the Straight Shooter database when they first became involved with Rogers.

                   Warrant Information

Rogers is a career criminal with a conviction record going back to at least 1968 who travels the country is a stolen vehicle scamming retail clerks and landlords.  His previous convictions are typically fraud-related, including passing bad checks. 

(1) The Volusia County Sheriff's Dept. in Florida holds an arrest warrant for Grand Theft, issued 5/2002, and the FBI has added Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution to the charge.  In April 2002 Rogers signed a cash purchase agreement for a car at a Daytona Beach, FL car dealership, then persuaded the sales personnel to allow him to drive off the lot before he paid for it.  Rogers has successfully pulled this scam at least twice before - once in California in 2001 and in Tennessee in the early 1990's. 

(2)The FL Dept. of Law Enforcement is also seeking Rogers for probation violation for the charge of Failure to Return a Rented Vehicle. 

Rogers is known to have committed some kind of scam in over 41 jurisdictions in at least ten states since he was released on probation in Florida in 1998. 

(3) The Bowling Green, KY Police Department issued a warrant for theft in 12/02.  The warrant is for a scam he has pulled in numerous states on retail clerks involving a greeting card.  He asks the clerks to exchange his smaller bills for hundred dollar bills, which he puts in a greeting card envelope.  When he counts his bills, he claims to be short and says he'll go to his car to get the rest of the money.  When he does not return, the clerks check the envelope, only to find newspaper clippings instead of the hundred dollar bills they thought they saw him put inside.  Clerks have been taken for as much as $400.00.  Rogers is currently on the Bowling Green, KY Crime Stoppers Web site with a posted reward of $1,000. (View the Bowling Green, KY PD Wanted Poster above.) 

(4) Germantown, TN Police Department is looking for Rogers for a flimflam scheme he pulled on a local business and a local landlord in January 2003.  The landlord scheme, which he has pulled in at least four other states, involves a promise to pay rent that never materializes.  He usually claims to be an executive on an expense account with a large corporation.  He tells the landlord that the company will pay the rent or he promises to prepay himself for several months rent within a few days.  Landlords say he is very believable, which is why they agree to let him move in before paying.  He always disappears without a trace when he realizes the landlord intends to pursue legal action or call the police.

Rogers also employs a COD scam in which he convinces the manager of a store that he is the owner of a nearby store who urgently needs to borrow a few hundred dollars to pay for an imminent COD delivery.  The unsuspecting manager lends his "neighbor" the money and never sees him again.

Rogers also has an outstanding warrant for theft in New Castle County, Delaware. 

Rogers has a known criminal conviction history in Texas, California, New Mexico and Florida. 

He is known to be a compulsive gambler, particularly at racetracks. 

As of 1/03 he was driving a stolen gray Chevrolet Tahoe with a front vanity plate: "I Love My Dog" and a stolen Florida plate: A24RFN.

Rogers was reported to have grown a beard or goatee at his last hits in Kentucky in December 2002.  He may or may not wear glasses.

NAME FBI & Volusia County Sheriff - FL; 
Bowling Green, KY PD; 
Germantown, TN PD
CONTACT Volusia County Sheriff or FBI;
Bowling Green, KY PD/Crime Stoppers; Germantown, TN PD (Capt. Ed Palmer)
PHONE Volusia Sheriff -(386)-736-5999; 
Bowling Green, KY PD -(270)-393-4244;
Germantown, TN PD - (901)-757-7230
WEBSITE Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement Web site:
ENTRY PURPOSE Criminal; Probation Violation; 
Criminal History; Civil Judgment
WARRANT DATE 04/99; 05/02; 07/02; 12/02
SS ENTRY DATE 02/12/03 - Captured
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REWARD $1,000.00 - Bowling Green, KY Crime Stoppers - (270)-781-CLUE