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ALIASES: Walter Thomas Nemecek; Phillip; Joseph Edward Atcheson; Todd Johnson

This man's identity has been unknown since at least 1996.  But in October 2002  CUFF members found him in the St. Louis, MO area during their research to help two small business owners who had been defrauded by him in a fraud scheme in 1998.  This former employee had stolen and embezzled over $100,000 from them personally and from their business. Yet amazingly, criminal charges had never been issued by the police since the investigating detective had given credibility to a forged "ownership" agreement faxed to him by this man from another state six months after he had disappeared with the money and property.  

 CUFF members showed the police in Missouri proof that he had used another person's name and social security number to obtain state ID's, bank accounts and vehicle registrations. When the police asked him to provide his true identity, he insisted that he was Walter Thomas Nemecek - the person he had been masquerading as since at least 1996.
When the police showed him the evidence that he could not be Walter Thomas Nemecek, he reluctantly admitted he wasn't, but told the police that he didn't have to tell them who he was.

He was arrested for lying to the police and taken to the police precinct where he was fingerprinted.  Within a short time, he gave in to the inevitable and revealed his true identity to be Joseph Dixon Acheson, Jr.  An NCIC search revealed an outstanding 1994 Florida warrant for his arrest for parole violation on charges of Grand Theft, Uttering Forgery, Attempted Sale or Purchase of Cocaine and Check Fraud.  

A criminal history search revealed that Mr. Acheson had been in jail or prison at least five times since 1985 serving time for 29 separate charges that included assault, burglary, fraud, grand theft, grand theft auto, forgery, drug use and resisting arrest.
When located, Mr. Acheson was found living with a man who had an outstanding warrant in California for probation violation for drug use.  Both men had been unemployed since December 2001.  

The remaining  unserved time on Mr. Acheson's  Florida sentence is approximately seven years.  
You can also view this criminal's current Florida charges and data on the  Florida Department of Law Enforcement Web Site.  Enter his DC # 658767 to produce his record.
The real Walter Thomas Nemecek (See SS ID No. 113) has over $10,000 (plus interest) in judgments against his name as a result of the scheme that Mr. Acheson perpetrated on the business owners.  It is believed that he willingly gave his ID to Mr. Acheson in 1996 in exchange for an "easy life" of no work.  Both of them claimed that he was Mr. Acheson's cousin, "Chris Nemecek." When Mr. Acheson disappeared out of state with the company's money and property, he took Mr. Nemecek with him.  However, no one has seen him since the day he left.   When Mr. Nemecek is found and confronted with the judgments, it should be interesting to see how he explains his participation in the scheme to defraud the business owners now that the truth about Mr. Acheson is known to the police.  The business owners are preparing the necessary information to present to the police in order to request that they reopen the charges for conspiracy to defraud.

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NAME Private
CONTACT Straight Shooter
ENTRY PURPOSE Criminal History
SS ENTRY DATE 09/21/01- See ID No 113
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