Join CUFF's Internet Posse

Help find fugitives the safe and easy way - using the Internet.

Put CUFF's Most Wanted icon on your Web site.  Copy the code in the form below and paste it inside the body in the html of your Web site page. When viewers click on the icon, they will go directly to the CUFF database page where they can search for over 900 fugitives currently in the database.  The database includes all federal government most wanted fugitives and hundreds of others submitted by law enforcement and victims.  The database is growing daily and each time we add or change a fugitive in the Most Wanted icon, it will automatically appear on your Web site. 

 If a fugitive in the icon  is captured, we will add that information to the photo and leave the fugitive in the icon for a period of time.  When we remove the captured fugitive from the icon, we will add another fugitive so that your viewers can continue to help in the search for American's Most Wanted fugitives.  Please let us know which fugitives you would like CUFF to add to the icon.
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If you need help with this process, please contact us and we will gladly walk you through the steps. Contact Us.